Time Flies

Wow. Honestly, high school has been an amazing and wonderful experience so far, yet it was one of those experiences that I never really expected to end. It was like in preschool, elementary, and middle school. During those times, graduating and transitioning from one school to another was definitely exciting, but not very drastic as … More Time Flies

The Madness of March

Who likes college basketball? I know I do. But lets talk about the this month’s special MARCH MADNESS. This is the time of year where college basketball fans and some random basketball fans who don’t really follow NCAAB watch the games known as “March Madness” College Basketball players play at their high level to secure … More The Madness of March

For the Love of Hiking

Originally posted on Outdoorgainz:
While hundreds if not thousands will on this day profess their love to another human, I choose to publicly pronounce my love of Hiking to the world!!             I think it has been in my genes as my father, and his father before him were both avid hikers. Both growing up…

“The Rain Game”

September 18th, 2011 it was our 4th Pee-Wee football game of the season against the South Orange County Patriots. We represented the Barons of course as our team was from Fountain Valley. The Blue and Gold vs the Red and White. I looked forward to this game at the beginning of the season as our … More “The Rain Game”

The Extravaganza

February 6, 2016. The Nike Extravaganza held at Mater Dei High School. It was the pinnacle of high school basketball with division 1 scouts and premier, showtime players. The top high school teams in the nation getting ready to play for the title of being “extravagant.” And I had the opportunity to attend. Friday afternoon, … More The Extravaganza

Wonder Why?

I wonder why the things I see are not as they seem. I wonder why things go by, with no rhyme nor reason, nor try or season. I wonder why people do not understand the mark they lay on the next man, the kicked can. I wonder why, we do not see, what were and are … More Wonder Why?