The Move

The clouds were gloomy and cold that day. The teacher had an idea of what was going on, but the rest of the class and all my friends had yet to be informed. They had no idea that I was going to leave them and most likely never see them again. Then again, even I … More The Move

Time Flies

Wow. Honestly, high school has been an amazing and wonderful experience so far, yet it was one of those experiences that I never really expected to end. It was like in preschool, elementary, and middle school. During those times, graduating and transitioning from one school to another was definitely exciting, but not very drastic as … More Time Flies


If I had to pick any shirt that I would wear for the rest of my life, despite currently not owning this type of shirt, it would be either a Derek Jeter, Cal Ripken, Ken Griffey Jr. or a Randy Johnson JERSEY. I own a varied collection of shirts. The range lists from polos, tanks, … More JERSEY