On the line


Some endings are Cinderella like. They just  end with everyone in awe. So was the case in the Villanova versus North Carolina game. It was just plain unbelievable. North Carolina was up at the half and seemed dominant. It was a fifty fifty flip however because Villanova would not go away. They just kept fighting. Bully defense met tenacious rebounding, which would win?

Well, when two teams are as evenly matched as those two were, one can conclude there a specific trait the team or player must have. Clutch. With this, players do not shy away from big moments, rather they embrace the moment and take the opportunity to shine in front of everyone.

Being clutch is essential if you wanna win high importance games. It is when truly unbelievable things happen that will be remembered forever. And so was the case tonight in the big championship game. The more clutch and overall better team one.

Although I wanted Villanova to lose I have respect for them, they truly showed their worth in a hard working fashion. They deserve the win and it didn’t take much to realize such was true. Additionally, even though I didn’t have my eye on either team to win the whole thing when the tournament started, there is something about s championship game that makes people take a side.

There is a famous slogan that the NBA uses, “This is where amazing happens and that is definitely the case when highly competitive teams or people compete against each other.

All this in mind to say, people are naturally drawn to success. Thus, people want to be associated with success. It is the pure excitement and worth that comes with it. Even though people don’t realize it they are supporting success when they watch it or ask questions about it. Whether psychological or just emotional, people flock towards the alluring spectical of success, greatness, the extraordinary.

Crawling away from confrontation and a work challenge people love to enjoy instead of giving themselves to a project unless they find interest or can gain benefit in accordance with the project. This is why most teenagers flock to parties. It is something to look forward to, a place where you don’t have to give anything, you just enjoy the moment and people you are around.

If deeper thought and creativity can come from boredom than why not enjoyment? I guess it is focus. Focus allows the mind to think inginuitivly and sharper, more complex. Enjoyment, frees the mind from thought and gives in to the emotions of love, excitement, joy, peace, and so on.

My advice to you would be to soak in both enjoyment and boredom because both are essential to the cycle of life. Without enjoyment, there is nothing to look forward too and without boredom there is no change of thought. Each one needs each other. Just like love and hate. How would we know what love is if we did not experience the mondain or hate?


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