lit in 5

The members of this group include Sam, Austin, Brandon, Brian, and Ronak. Each of us have our own jobs to bring a unified effect in this blog: Sam is the Social Media coordinator that helps connect us with people globally through various social medias such as Instagram and twitter. Austin is  the wordpress Editor  who makes our writing be professional, precise and organized. Brandon functions as  the Designer and Artist who articulates this blog by inputting new pictures, videos, widgets and other features. Brian is the Manager and Task Coordinator who supervises the blog by keeping up to date on events, blog posts, comments, and social media connections.  Ronak works as the Website Maker and Specialist  who frequently updates the blog’s outlook and overall theme.

Sam seems to find his inspiration for this position due to experience with social media accounts such as twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He has seen first hand what social media can do to promote things such as personal books, company clothes, and much more.

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Austin finds his skills from his active role as a boy scout and AP English student. These two things allow him to pick out essential steps to take, analyze a situation, and make things more efficient.

Brandon finds his inspiration from his father, as his father went to college on an art scholarship. Increasingly so, art has always inspired him and this is one of the things he finds intriguing.

Brian juggles five AP classes and through this he has found the most efficient and skill of ways to help and break down situations. In addition, his quick thinking is superb and he finds his inspiration in Gandhi who found wise and useful ways to deal with big problems. http://www.mkgandhi.org/articles/articleindex.htm

Ronak is a passionate  sports fanatic who loves the game of football, basketball, and baseball. From NFL, NBA, and MLB, Ronak demonstrates a high level of sports knowledge among past and current generations. His experience in his past English Honors class enabled him to function as the website specialist. He has his own personal blog that discusses sports, high school life and philosophical topics.

Each chose their positions are based upon how efficient each one is at doing their particular task. This was decided in a brief group meeting that allowed us to understand our strengths and weaknesses.


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