The OPINION Stands as Called


As an avid sports fan, I sometimes think to myself “what brought me here” or “why do I love sports so much?” Those questions are still not answered to this day yet slowly I reach each level step by stop. Let’s be real, at least each individual in this world knows a thing or two about sports. Whether it’s a player, team, or even a mere statistic. “Brady has 4 rings” “Manning has 5 MVPs” or even “I know that Michael Jordan guy” or “Isn’t Kobe retiring this year” However, not everyone “loves” sports or have any acquaintance with it. They might know the players but they don’t follow the sport or the whole category. Are they missing out? No not really. Are their more pros and cons of being a sports fan? About equal I should say. But one circumstance that surrounds each fan is OPINION. This is what really hinders each fan. This is why it is “tough being a sports fan”.

It was a week ago that I checked my facebook, only to find out a long thread of comments in my “sports central” group. If you ever been part of a heated argument on an social media site, you may know a thing or two about “discussions”. In reality, these discussions are really arguments that go back and forth and will never stop. When people say one opinion on their post, it automatically turns into a back and forth war of who is right. For example, “Lebron is better than Curry”. From that point on, some other individual will either agree or disagree. Then their comrades come to join the discussion and boom, a war of idiots fighting over something that doesn’t pertain to them in real life. Like, do they really care who is better? It isn’t like lebron said “yeah steph is better than me” or  even if Curry said “I beat lebron in the finals, I am better”stephen-curry-and-lebron-james.jpg

People…..People….People….Let me preach one thing. Opinions are opinions, facts are facts, and statements are statements. To change one’s opinion, one must offer valid analysis and argumentation quotas in order to manipulate an individual’s thought. But let’s be real here. It is extremely hard to change one’s opinion. They stick with it regardless of outcome. Therefore, one should now waste their time on an “idiot” or an suspicious fellow in order to changed their view.

In a real life situation, I came across this thread of comments regarding who is the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) of the NFL. I undauntedly said Peyton Manning in the comments. Some agreed some didn’t. Some said Tom Brady, some said Montana, Elway, and Marino. Even one person said Julius Peppers. It may seem dumb at first but everyone has different opinions. This person said Peppers based on athletic ability. I said Manning because of overall accomplishments. Some other individual said Brady based off super bowl victories. And some said Marino because he/she was a Dolphins fan. Although bias may play a factor when judging an opinion, it all comes down on how you look at it. What perceives the most attention. The overall factors. Past experiences and real life situations.

At they end of the day, your OPINION stands as called to your world. And your statements are you back up option yet facts are there to stand your case. Factors play a big role to the opinion and judgmental phase, yet it will never change.


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