If I had to pick any shirt that I would wear for the rest of my life, despite currently not owning this type of shirt, it would be either a Derek Jeter, Cal Ripken, Ken Griffey Jr. or a Randy Johnson JERSEY. I own a varied collection of shirts. The range lists from polos, tanks, and professional wear such as collars and suits. A plethora I should say. However, one shirt that stands out from the rest is a JERSEY. Yes, I do possess a collection a JERSEYS in my closet, but lets be honest, a 6 foot 1 inch guy couldn’t possibly fit me right now. In fact the very first JERSEY I owned was back in 2009, where my younger brother found a Derek Jeter JERSEY at the salvation army market. More than happy, I realized that wearing one of my favorite player’s JERSEY in elementary school could perceive me to be “the cool kid” or “the sports fanatic”.

Yet, I was only in stage one where I didn’t know a whole lot about sports at age 12 but knew enough that I could talk to other fanatics. One of my special JERSEY I own is a customized JERSEY with my name entitled on the back. While playing for the Red Sox my minor league days, I wore number 14 depicting my birthdate. Next year, I was traded to the rival Yankees and was randomly selected number 11. After the baseball days, the JERSEYS still fit me. Whenever I go where my Yankee JERSEY, they assume I am a Yankee fan, however I am a Dodger fan. There is no name on the back. But #11. One Yankee that wore number 11 was first baseman Paul O’Neal. So I just tell them I am wearing a special edition O’Neal jersey. Jokes on them. I also wore a Chicago Bulls JERSEY. The forgotten shooting guard, the robin to the batman (Derrick Rose), Ben Gordon. That #7 was passed from generations. My friend from Chicago, now in college gave this JERSEY to me at age 7 and at the age my brother was 7, I passed it to him. In deep thought, the specialty and significance of every JERSEY is that it tells a story.  A narrative of inclination and downs of a personal life. People may assume that you are a fan of that particular team, but it is the player that the young eons look up to and dream to be there some day, under the limelight.

While growing up in the windy city, my very first sport I observed and attempted to play was Baseball. In addition, the very 4 players that pioneered my passion to love the game was Griffey, Ripken, Johnson and Jeter. Randy Johnson who threw a perfect game with 20 Ks. Derek Jeter winning his 4th championship in 2000, arms raised up to the air, and telling the world that a “Dynasty” has been established. Ken Griffey  JR. winning the Home Run derby in grand fashion. And finally reliving the highlight of Cal Ripken Jr. “Iron Man” strolling around the stadium celebrating his last game as a Player and accomplishing the most consecutive games played in the MLB. Within every JERSEY comes with a story. – Ronak Savsani

So on that note, what’s your story?

Chicago Cubs catcher Gabby Hartnett signs autograph for Al Capone... for 1929 (Sun-Times Library files) copy neg
Chicago Cubs catcher Gabby Hartnett signs autograph for Al Capone… for 1929 (Sun-Times Library files)

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