Emotions ~ Bliss

  Happiness. It is not something that can be measured. Nor is it something that can be exchanged. Still, why is it that everybody works their whole lives in order to attain happiness? Not only do they want to be happy, but they also want to validate their happiness. However, happiness is as difficult to … More Emotions ~ Bliss

The Dollar

America has always been the land of opportunity and freedom, where those who were previously impoverished have a great chance to find greater value in their lives with the help of American ideals and economy. From the founding of the nation to the current day union, Americans are always looking to expand their wealth. However, … More The Dollar

The Move

The clouds were gloomy and cold that day. The teacher had an idea of what was going on, but the rest of the class and all my friends had yet to be informed. They had no idea that I was going to leave them and most likely never see them again. Then again, even I … More The Move

Class Dismissed?

Class dismissed? Walter Kirn, author of the New York Times article, “Class Dismissed,” is an advocate of the removal of senior year from the United States education system. Kirn believes that senior year is a waste of time in which students could be getting a head start on life outside of K-12 schooling. However, I … More Class Dismissed?

Time Flies

Wow. Honestly, high school has been an amazing and wonderful experience so far, yet it was one of those experiences that I never really expected to end. It was like in preschool, elementary, and middle school. During those times, graduating and transitioning from one school to another was definitely exciting, but not very drastic as … More Time Flies

The Extravaganza

February 6, 2016. The Nike Extravaganza held at Mater Dei High School. It was the pinnacle of high school basketball with division 1 scouts and premier, showtime players. The top high school teams in the nation getting ready to play for the title of being “extravagant.” And I had the opportunity to attend. Friday afternoon, … More The Extravaganza

The Fair

GIF ©2014 by Sugar Looney [CC-by-2.0]   Eighty four degrees Fahrenheit, pale white tongues, chapped lips, clear blue skies with no clouds in sight; it was summertime in Southern California. Loading up the Honda CR-V on our annual trip to the Orange County fair, my family and I were filled with excitement. It didn’t matter … More The Fair