Letting it Slip

We all have something precious we hold on to with every ounce of our being. It is not fair that sometimes this thing we try to hold on is just ripped away from us without a second chance. We mustn’t waste the chance if given, to take back this precious thing. in this world you … More Letting it Slip

How to Get Yacked

We all want to be in shape and have that summer body, but for many of us we just end up jealous of other peoples awesome bodies. We want to be physically attractive but are we willing to put in the work? How many times have you watched a motivational movie like Karate Kid (original of … More How to Get Yacked


  These days in a world so chaotic and fragile, time it seems has become a figment of my imagination. Every day I find myself processing information and realizing solutions at a rate that is the opposite of impressive. Sometimes I wonder if I am loosing myself and each day fragments of my old self … More Rapid

Last minute

      We all have things we don’t want to do whether or not they will be good for us or not. Depending on who we are and the situation is the most likely outcome will follow. Unless, there is a medium that changes us or the situation. For instance, if I was low … More Last minute