How to Get Yacked

We all want to be in shape and have that summer body, but for many of us we just end up jealous of other peoples awesome bodies. We want to be physically attractive but are we willing to put in the work? How many times have you watched a motivational movie like Karate Kid (original of course) or Batman Begins or any video that has got you pumped to get in shape for about a solid week? Well If you’re like me let me help you out. Let me show you a quick step by step guide to get that summer body.

Step 1

Find a buddy

In order to keep yourself honest, you need a workout buddy. You need a relationship in which you and your buddy can keep each other accountable. Now not everyone needs a workout buddy to motivate them, it’s all preference, but for me personally that’s what has proven most successful. When choosing a workout buddy try to choose someone who is there to get in shape, not someone who is going to bring you back to square one every week. Try to choose someone who will compete with you and push you to your limit.

Step 2


A huge aspect of getting building yourself is the equipment. Yes, we have all seen videos of people getting big on the monkey bars of the nearest playground, but honestly for how many of us realistically is that our story? It is important to attain access to a workout facility, preferably a gym membership is ideal. Now a gym membership may not be economically comfortable for many, but you should see it as an investment into your own body. There are always membership discount sales on holidays for gyms, but if that is not an option I highly suggest buying your own equipment…a one time investment. Make sure you choose a gym that is ideal and not out of your area so that you will be more inclined to go.

Step 3

Eat Right

According to Body Building protein is essential for building muscle and is very important to maintain a high protein diet when trying to gain muscle.

“Protein is essential for growth and the building of new tissue as well as the repair of broken down tissue – like what happens when you work out. When you hear the term “positive nitrogen balance,” it refers to being in a state of having enough protein available for the needs of the body and the needs of building muscle.”

Also definitely make sure to limit your intake of sweets and carbohydrates to a minimal and try to replace them with lots of water and protein. You and your workout buddy can keep each other in line on this.


Step 4

Motivational films

Lastly, watch a motivational film once a week to stay motivated. Keep this method up and make sure to let me know how your journey goes…and lastly if you don’t know what to watch here is a good list of motivational films. These are a sure fire way to get pumped and stay focused all the while, resting from the work you must do giving your body what it needs.


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