Art Appreciation

Last summer, I took some time off school work and decided to outline what classes I would be taking in the future. I initially had 5 AP classes and with one ROP class called Sports Medicine. However, the AP class count decreased from 5 to 4 because I didn’t have a passion to take Biology. And I took more time off during the summer to finalize my classes. After deliberate talks with my counselor and mother, I decided to take AP Art History to fill the void of my 4th AP class. It was a gamble at first but became a blessing. Senior friends told me it was a hard class and an impossible A to sustain. Some told me the teacher is crazy. Some told me art was a joke. I took these criticisms and transformed them into motivation.


“I want to see how crazy the teacher is, besides I am crazy myself and we could potentially get along”, “I don’t think art is a joke, besides I like looking at it as a virtual mantra of life and beauty.”, “If people think I can’t get an A, so be it, at least I will obtain knowledge upon my learning” I did the impossible. I got the second highest grade in the class wit a 95. I grew closer with my friends, some shy, some happy like me. I became crazy for art just like my teacher. For proof, I even started following weird and cool artists on Instagram. I became enamored with art. Not because this class gave me a path way for appreciation but because I gave it a chance. I took a gamble to first take the class, but it turned more of a gamble on art. I even started to imagine if I could do some art as a part time thing. I do have some ideas that could go mainstream yet it is an eventual clause.

2 months ago, out class went to the Getty Center in Los Angeles to see real art from famous people. From sculptures, paintings, objects, and disturbing photographs, this museum was the place to be for an amateur art viewer, like myself and fellow colleagues. Although we had to write 3 outlines about three pieces of art, we all worked together in groups to answer the questions efficiently. We ate lunch together. Expensive yet delightful food. We told jokes, laughed away, and walked together in a mellow environment. I asked some security guards how much certain paintings go for. “10,000 to 10 million” My jaw dropped. Paintings that only included lines, colors spread out, photographs that seemed a toddler could of took. A potato that went for 65 million. Yeah a painting of a potato. Crazy it may seem, but these art works took time, and value. It my seem easy but it really isn’t.


But I learned one thing. Each soul should appreciate art. It may seem stupid and simple to do but really it isn’t. Just look around you, everything is art. A desk handcrafted by people. A photograph of New York that took 3 days to shoot. A comic book that took years to complete. Yeah it is all art and appreciation is needed for all of it.

Here is a video just outrageous art pieces go for, yet the simplicity becomes complexity!


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