What are we gonna do?

Do you ever imagine a future with crazy inventions like teleportation devices and mind chips that make you smarter. I’ve always pictured a crazy Jetsons kinda world, but I’ve never really wondered what the path to getting there would be like. But now that I really think about it, I’m not quite sure the world would ever be able to handle the changes necessary for that kinda universe. This blog post has one simple purpose, bringing up things that the world and all its people might not be ready for.

Mental enhancers


Imagine a chip that could make you ten fold smarter. A kinda steroid for the mind. Well for starters, prototypes of this already exist, albeit they’ve only ever been used in lab mice. But longs story short, it quickens the mind and gives it a bit more space for thinking. Now think of all the legal problems that would come from this. It would give rich people the ultimate advantage over poor people. Those who could afford this are more or less given power over those who can’t afford it. It’s not hard to imagine a widening wealth gap where the people without this chip are seen as lesser beings, maybe even slaves. Not to mention, this makes life a buy to win type of deal. Sure it sounds like a great way to advance sciences and find solutions to the worlds greatest problems. But a vast majority of people are gonna have moral problems with it.


Time Travel


How do you think the government would react to a time travel machine. Let’s face it, the second something like this is made, it’s bound to be outlawed and regulated heavily by governments. Its basically a cheat code. It gives people the ability to go back in time and live the perfect life; win every lottery, call every shot, make up every failure. If governments are okay with rigged deals and bribery, there is no way in hell that they’d be okay with some dude messing with the timeline of the universe. Plus, the creation of such a device would spark a global race for each country to try and build one and use it to their advantage, almost like the race to create nuclear warheads.




This one has to be the most interesting. Just imagine what kind of chaos would ensue if aliens landed on Earth. For starters, there would be a huge fright over whether or not they would be friendly, and I have an strong feeling we might not be so kind to aliens. Furthermore, the Earth is globally disconnected. Assuming the aliens are hostile, large colonies of aliens might see us as warring tribes, using this to their advantage just as early Europeans did in America. And to top it all off, this might just mean the collapse of major religions. I myself am not too religious, but just think about this. the existence of aliens goes against many religions and their ideals. This could have countless negative affects. Religious groups could begin rallying against the aliens. Religion could collapse all together, creating a massive social change. But, despite all the contradiction, maybe religion will adapt to the change and things will continue smoothly.


I reckon I’ve gotten into enough analyzation for today, but there is still more things to be pondered. What if gene therapy existed like it did in the movie Gattaca? What if people find it more economically profitable to employ machines over humans? What if there’s a way to hack into minds and control them? There’s always stuff to ponder, I’m just saying that we should look into this stuff before it happens.


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