Emotions ~ Bliss

  Happiness. It is not something that can be measured. Nor is it something that can be exchanged. Still, why is it that everybody works their whole lives in order to attain happiness? Not only do they want to be happy, but they also want to validate their happiness. However, happiness is as difficult to … More Emotions ~ Bliss

On the line

Some endings are Cinderella like. They just  end with everyone in awe. So was the case in the Villanova versus North Carolina game. It was just plain unbelievable. North Carolina was up at the half and seemed dominant. It was a fifty fifty flip however because Villanova would not go away. They just kept fighting. … More On the line


  These days in a world so chaotic and fragile, time it seems has become a figment of my imagination. Every day I find myself processing information and realizing solutions at a rate that is the opposite of impressive. Sometimes I wonder if I am loosing myself and each day fragments of my old self … More Rapid

Emotions ~ Anxiety

Emotions: Anxiety Why Anxiety? Why is it that in the last moments of a game the crowd bites its nails or the players’ hands begin to shake? Why is it that in a packed auditorium, the harmonious and masterful musician always walks solemnly and fearfully towards the center?  Why is it that students, who know … More Emotions ~ Anxiety