Madden Mobile Tips and Tricks PT. 3


Last month I discussed about the new trendy and addicting mobile game of Madden Mobile by EA sports. Now in this blog post, I will discuss new tips and tricks that I have encountered and used throughout my Madden experience. Remember, I am not one of those Madden Mobile Youtubers who have 100k subscribers. I myself personally believe I have an unique type of madden player because how I created a 101 overall team without any help from friends or purchasing cash to increase my chances of getting elite players. These youtubers in my opinion are pathetic to use their cash on this game and still create a 103 overall team where I have a 101 overall team with any purchases. But hey it’s their deal not mine. Just reminding that anyone in the Madden universe and conduct and lead their trash team to a elite 90 plus team. It’s quite easy. But first let me offer some tips and tricks to pave a road of success in the madden mobile game.


  1. Live Events – The first thing you should do in your morning whether you go to school or work is do the live events. Lives usually occur around 8 am 11 am and 2 pm. Do the daily warm up first, claim you collectible and don’t do it again until the next day. Within a week you get a free pro pack containing 2 silver and bronze players and one gold. Sometimes you can pull elite players and collectibles. Do the scrimages every time. Easy 500 coins and plus you get a collectible where if you get 20 offseason training collectibles, you get an all pro pack containing 2 gold 2 silver and 2 bronze players. Do every live event that Madden has to offer but avoid the 3 touchdowns one for timing purposes because in 4 attempts you must get 3 touchdowns. Not impossible but most likely to fail. Sometimes do the legend live events if you max out on stamina.
  2. Head to Head – Do head to head every day until you reach 10 million fans. This is probably the hardest and most time consuming feature in the game but worth the prize. You can easily get Odell Beckham Jr by doing this live event first. If you are new to the game do this everyday because you are playing crappy players. Plus make sure you use you counters. They help a lot when playing random players of the Madden universe. Always play the person with the lower defense ranking.
  3. Seasons – Grind out seasons like mad crazy. I am on season 45 and last year I reached 50 seasons. Easy 1.5k coins right there and gives the most stamina. Totally worth the time. Do atleast 20 seasons before retiring Madden Mobile 2 until update #3 comes out till august.
  4. League – Play in a league and play the tourneys because if you win you can get a league pack. You can pull great players like Kam Chancellor 91 overall and basic 86 overall elites. Do championships for bragging rights for your respective league.
  5. Store – Only purchase one pro pack per week and never purchase the goal line pack. Totally not worth the 250k. Legends and other packs are worth only once a month. In my madden game, I purchased like 20 pro packs only and got some good luck. More you grind on seasons more coins.
  6. Do one quicksell set once a week. 4 bronze trophies with 2 silver trophies is worth it but the large quicksell isn’t because it is more demanding due to gold trophies. Do all the sets you can do even if it is hard. Reward is normally great such as 100k reward or elite player.
  7. Auctions – I personally am against sniping because I find it as a cheating method but do you not me. Aim for special elite players not the base ones. They are cheap (7k to 15k) Buy players you need to help on not the ones you already have.
  8. Sell – Sell all your quicksells when you get it immediately. Don’t sell your collectibles even if they are useless. Some point madden will create a recyclable set which grants you new collectible.  Don’t quicksell your trophies. That is idiotic.
  9. Play the game fairly by not closing the app. Sometimes if you fumble on head to head or throw a pick on season, don’t close the app and restart it because it will resume the game instead of end it. Do it if you are cheater.

Tips and tricks are part of the madden game and they do help a lot immensely towards your personally success. Don’t take it from me but everyone from the madden community. We are all here to help. My suggestion is to subscribe to one madden mobile like noobkill, Madden Mobile Gods, or Justabro. They provide better tricks than me but we are all an allegiance of madden universe. PEACE!!!


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