G.O.T.G – Greatest of this Generation

There is no such thing as GOAT, also known as “The Greatest of All Time”. There is no such thing as the “Greatest player in the world” or “The best player at that specific position”. Today’s sports includes too many misconceptions and misinterpretations among league, player and team discussions. Around championship season where the Super … More G.O.T.G – Greatest of this Generation

What are morals

Here’s a quick mental game. Imagine a loved one, the closest person you know. Literally imagine the person that you want the least to die. Now imagine that they are dying, they have an incurable disease, only one of a hundred recorded instances. Now, in this hypothetical scenario, there is a business mogul who has … More What are morals

Dear Basketball…

Trash basket in the left-hand corner of the room. 4 seconds on the clock. 3. 2. 1… You release the crumpled up piece of paper in your hand, and as it gracefully ascends to the very top, you shout, “Kobe.”   We all had famous players and celebrities growing up, and while some create more … More Dear Basketball…

Individual vs Community – What does it take?

Preliminary Questions: How can an individual manage integrity and purse their own personal goals while contributing to society/community? What does it take to be an individual that stands out from the community? Related Questions:What does it take to be part of a community? Individuals make up the community but what determines an individual to be part … More Individual vs Community – What does it take?

Communities and Individuals

When coexistent, do communities benefit individuals and how? Communities and individuals. Two distinct ideas yet both coexist within our world. To understand this deep and vast relationship, we must first attain comprehension of what exactly communities and individuals are. Photo ©2009 by Yoel Ben-Avraham [CC-by-2.0] What is a community? According to professional and legitimate definitions, a … More Communities and Individuals