The Fair

GIF ©2014 by Sugar Looney [CC-by-2.0]   Eighty four degrees Fahrenheit, pale white tongues, chapped lips, clear blue skies with no clouds in sight; it was summertime in Southern California. Loading up the Honda CR-V on our annual trip to the Orange County fair, my family and I were filled with excitement. It didn’t matter … More The Fair


My uncle often told me that you can figure out what a person is like based on what music they listen to. The first time I heard this, I thought he was just pulling up some superstitious phrase he heard at a beach front fortune telling machine. But of course, I came to realize how … More Music

Last minute

      We all have things we don’t want to do whether or not they will be good for us or not. Depending on who we are and the situation is the most likely outcome will follow. Unless, there is a medium that changes us or the situation. For instance, if I was low … More Last minute

Death Is Too Late

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Death Is Too Late JPEG ©2015 by Lifehack Quotes [CC-by-2.0] Death is Too Late. It may seem like an oxymoron or a misspelling; it’s supposed to be Death is too soon rather than Death is too late. In this I am referring to the timeliness of death. How inarguably too it…

NFL Week 17 Predictions – “Make it or Break it” – Playoff Implication Games

Week 17 is only few days away and it is this week that concludes which teams are heading to the 2015 NFL playoffs. Week 17 includes the most important games because it is a “make or break situation”. For example, last week the Pittsburgh Steelers played at Baltimore and lost 17-20. The Steelers played at … More NFL Week 17 Predictions – “Make it or Break it” – Playoff Implication Games