Our Earth



The world we live in is constantly changing. The problems we are faced with as a generation are very real and new to be looked like life threatening situations. Pollution, for example is not an immediate health risk to your current survival. It is an ever worsening situation that we all must be personally introduced to with caution and information.

Through human inginiuty, there are ways to slow or down or even stop the effects of pollution. One of these “effects” that needs to be stopped in its tracks is global warming. This occurs when particulates from fossil fuel using power plants emit into the atmosphere. Because our atmosphere is broken up into different layers with different characteristics these particulates get trapped. Unfortunately, they get trapped in the troposphere where they rise to the top soak in light energy and don’t allow heat to be reflected back into space. This build up of heat is what causes “global warming”.

Although the effects of global warming have only resulted in an increase of about 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit globally, it causes great stress on environments worldwide. Land ice is probably one of the most effected systems caused global warming. The ice on land, not currently in the ocean, is melted and flows into the ocean causing a rise in ocean heights. When solid ice that floats on water is melted, it doesn’t cause very much ocean rise because the amount of ice in the water was still displacing liquid water. So, when it is melted it is now just in a different state of matter.

Increasingly, pollution from industry today causes a degrading of air quality for wild life and humans. If the air is harder to breath, organisms in turn will not be as healthy. Likewise, toxins get polluted into water supplies and plastics get moved in by the wind to ecosystems often causing death because it gets introduced into the food chain, killing of species.

The best way for us as a society to move away from these dangerous and harmful actions is to be informed and action takers. Once we are informed we must to our best to actually help the world we live in by supporting less plastic wrapped containers, organic foods, less toxic materials, and understanding what we do each day does effect someone or something living in this world.

We CAN all be heroes. Just like the commen saying goes “Not all heroes wear caps…”. Change is not in the idea of what needs to be done, but by the people who make what needs to be done a reality.


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