Our Every Day Carry

The concept of the E.D.C or Everyday Carry has been around for along time as used in a military or prepared civilian attitude. Some people like myself, take this idea and make it a lifestyle. Gamers get a rush from gaming, jocks get a rush from playing, mechanics get a rush from repairing gear, and E.D.C advocates get a rush from being prepared.

I’m sure there are a great many people who cannot fathom the meaning and or the pleasure that is derived from sometimes having superfluous equipment on one’s person all the time. The phrase, “It is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it”, basically sums up the reason we do this, however for those of you who still don’t understand let me try to better explain this phenomenon.

One of the most prolific supporters of this concept is the popular You tuber Nutnfancy, who on his channel primarily reviews gear but also discusses: political events, automobiles, law enforcement/military experiences, and different philosophies such as the E.D.C method. One of the points Nuntfancy makes is that his Everyday Carry system is unique to his needs just as someone else’s is pertinent to theirs. Potentially there may be some overlap, but the point of having a kit is to help you in the life you lead. Obviously, a law enforcement officer’s EDC kit is going to be different than that of a teacher, and a florist’s EDC kit will vary greatly from that of a high school student.

One of the interesting things about a person’s EDC kit is that it can change overtime depending on their environment and if their needs change.

Whether you realize it or not all of you and your classmates have an EDC system. Some may be larger or more complex than others, some fit others needs differently, but nonetheless all of us have one. While Nutnfancy’s is a physical kit, we all bear the burden of a mental carry system. This system has been developing and changing, adapting, advancing, and hopefully improving since you were born. That system is our written and oral ability. As writers we must come prepared to the table when discussing events, ideas, philosophies, etc. In AP English we have begun to develop and choose tools to go into our mental kit.

Each experience we have with another written work, or our own, we change overtime depending on our environment and if our needs change.

Some common tools that everyone can possess are; advanced vocabulary in order to better explain our point of view, metaphors to aid in our recollection or description of events, and tone to breath life into our work. Each of our classmates may have different tools than those previously listed, and some prominent ones that differentiate one writer from another are their: tropes and schemes.

No matter how complex of simple your EDC kit is I challenge you to be prepared to bring something to new to the table, to contribute, and to change the way others think about things.

Keep calm and Carry on.

©2011 warraqeen [CC By 0]

  • Austin Gergens

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