David Bowie

I’m one of a younger generation, so just a heads up; I hardly know anything about David Bowie. In fact, I am probably the least qualified person in the world to talk about this subject. When Bowie passed away not too long ago, I had hardly any idea about how this guy was. I knew … More David Bowie


Saturday-January, 30th I sat down in the locker room just outside the swimming pool a Los Cab Sports Club. I was a tired after only an hour of swimming, so I tried my best to absorb the serenity of the tiny, poorly lit locker room. After a minute, a little kid no older than five … More Awkward


My uncle often told me that you can figure out what a person is like based on what music they listen to. The first time I heard this, I thought he was just pulling up some superstitious phrase he heard at a beach front fortune telling machine. But of course, I came to realize how … More Music

What are morals

Here’s a quick mental game. Imagine a loved one, the closest person you know. Literally imagine the person that you want the least to die. Now imagine that they are dying, they have an incurable disease, only one of a hundred recorded instances. Now, in this hypothetical scenario, there is a business mogul who has … More What are morals