Letting it Slip


We all have something precious we hold on to with every ounce of our being. It is not fair that sometimes this thing we try to hold on is just ripped away from us without a second chance. We mustn’t waste the chance if given, to take back this precious thing. in this world you must fight for what you want. There is gifts and there is talents, but human will will always be victorious when the desire is stronger than the talent.

The horizon of this idea that will beats talent doesn’t just shine it’s face upon sports or daily life. It covers career desire, social desire, political desire, sports desire, and many other fields such as these. With this in mind it is important to consider balance and consequence. Time and time again it has been displayed, this curious case, in such likes as “Pistol Pete” Maravich or more common persons such as my father.

All the stones are set into place for failure or midiocracy to be accepted and the path of ones life to be put into place. It’s as if these people who overcome such things have to fight the very Universe in order to each a life that is higher than thought possible with the circumstances given.

Pistol Pete Maravich was a man who practiced his skills in the “art” of basketball, endlessly. Day after day almost all day he would practice dribbling and shooting until playing basketball became like breathing to him. And yet, there has been much more talented people, even in his time to outmatch him,  but they didn’t.

He simply out worked others of his time because he had a human will that could not be out done. A passion that couldn’t be worn out. And that is what it takes in this world for third class people who don’t matter, to become first class people who are able to change the world.

My father is also an example of this. Many years ago, he had the opportunity to get the position of manager, but his manager at the time told the district manger that he wouldn’t be successful in the position. The district manger gave him the position anyway and my father ended up getting one of the biggest sales in the companies history.

Not only does this prove my fathers determination, but also his will to prove other’s wrong and become something higher the the situation “wanted” him to. Life is work. Those who try to escape this principle, whether they know it or not become something that they do not wish to be. Thus, the choice is simple. Yet it’s against today’s culture of laziness.

The only thing that can hold you back is the sub par  standards of others. Don’t let others fool you. Now what you have to do and do it.


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