A Brighter World Somewhere


When I was a child I believed in a future so bright that the sun’s light could not compare. A world in which I would live freely and happily. I did not search for happiness, it came to me. I did not think about what made me happy, I just was. I felt like living and it felt like life.

Age I have gotten older, an awareness has fallen upon me. They call it “maturing”, but I call it “degradation of the emotions”. Feeling is hard, and when I do, most of the time it isn’t a good feeling. Words like depression, anxiety, fear, anger, jealousy, confusion, strife etc. all Coke to mind when experiencing this “degradation of emotions”.

Many things can cause those emotions and it can usually be traced back to a negative atmosphere. Environment or atmosphere whatever words one may use to describe it, the basis is all the same. When functioning in a negative environment, negative impacts are impossible not to be left on the person in the situation. What makes it increasingly more difficult for the person, is if they try to be a kind, loving, and thoughtful Christian. It  is very easy to be “hard” when hard things are thrown at you, it takes a man to say that the situation is going to define him.

Control over emotion, is one of the hardest things to learn as a person and “maturing” human being. Often times it leads to a hindrance of expression. A lack of understanding toward how to communicate. Leaving people to believe that the he or she going through this is just a naturally serious person. Not that people care about how others feel now a days,  but they do see the person hindering to engage on a deeper level. This leads to awkwardness and nervousness as neither party knows what to say or think.

Believe me when I tell you this, everyone has emotion and once to be accepted and loved in some sort of way. Many people have diseases and illnesses that hinder them from experiencing the true natural form of this desire that they should experience, but for those that don’t have diseases or illnesses they feel lost if they don’t feel they are accepted or loved in some sort of way. Feeling lost is a very scary feeling to have as it can lead to many negative things, the most common being depression.

We, as individuals need to reach out to others and acknowledge that we have felt this way at least some part in our lives and thus we should be more kind to those who we can see are struggling. Stop ignoring, ask, help. You will feel more alive yourself for caring, I guarantee it.



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