Call Me on My Cellphone

Texting is very useful in many ways. Almost all of which give convenience not quality. In this way, texting and cellular use is an epidemic. Not only does the average person use their cellphone too much, but it adds unneeded obstacles. More often than not it brings miscommunication and distraction rather than good communication.

As a people we need to bring communication back to our homes. To often are kids consumed in their technology that there are no bonds being made in the family. Without this essential aspect of communication in a family. The family begins to be void of love. Only wanting to know the basics about one another to know they are ok and not ok. That is as far as it goes without face to face interaction.

Many kids talk to their friends a good portion of the time when they are spending time with one another. However, how often are families talking to one another. Isn’t it the kids’ bonds with their parents that brings the parents closer together? I find it hard myself after I come home from a long day to take some time and just talk with my family. In the Past I usually would be so tired I thought I needed entertainment. And obviously that would come from my phone not my family right? Well, I was wrong to think so.

Recently, my family hasn’t had internet access or TV service because our home wiring has been messed up. This simple disconnection has brought so much more connection than previously thought possible. Without the TV our main entertainment is ourselves. And in this way we have grown stronger I can presume because of how much more we know about each other’s situations. It has brought so much harmony in fact that I wouldn’t mind not having television.

It may seem crazy to some, but the more people I ask around me, the more I discover how many people do not have television. I can say I am not the only one in this boat and that is a good thing. No television can be hard for some to live without but I have found that the impact can be greatly muffled. Many of the TV stations I watch have apps that you can attain through I smart device or internet giving technology. For instance, the CW, ABC, ESPN and MTV all have apps attainable through Internet devices. Not to mention almost everyone has Netflix nowadays which takes another big to the TV network.

Through. All of this one should be able to see that not having internet technologies is not all that bad. Useful and essential for work yes, useful and essential for a family at home, not even close. As mentioned earlier, miscommunication in a family’ leads to a family void of love. We must r if love back to our homes by caring about each other. And knowing each other’s situation because to get love you must give it. That is a fact many of us fall short of because we assume we “deserve it” and that is true in a sense, everyone deserves love at least one time in their lives. It does not mean however that love will just be given because you think you are worthy. The person next to you probably thinks the same thing. So, give some love today, tomorrow, and the next day, see what happens and comment below.



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