What is curiosity?



One of the things I find to be really fascinating about life is that there is always a degree of uncertainty to the things we perceive. There is always that slight paranoid part of our mind that says, what if the things I am experiencing is just a dream? What if this is a program playing in my head and this is just the matrix? That level of abstract craziness is such a beautiful thing.

Another fascinating thing is that kids often ponder these things and often, a lot of kids ask these same exact questions. It’s amazing that they are so new to this world, and they are trying to take in all this immense information, yet all kids ask the same fundamental questions. Question’s like what happens after death, and how big and old is the universe. There is an ape named Koko that knows sign language. She is popularly known for being a fond of the late Robin Williams. Koko knows over 1000 different hand signs and is more than capable of communicating, but scientists have noticed something strange about her speech. She never asks questions. Not once has she asked all those questions that kids ask, let alone simple questions like “where did you go?” or “what are you eating?”



Its this strange pondering that we humans share that separates us from animals. No dog is asking whether or not the earth is flat or how expansive the universe is. Its us, the bipedal farming species of mammals, that has wondered these thoughts. I find it fascinating how complex the human mind is. In nature, the animal mind is meant simply to command the body towards survival. It is simply another organ with the purpose of survival. It syncs up muscle movements and keeps the other organs in check. But in humans the mind is so much more complex. The mind isn’t just a control center for our muscles, it is a harbor for information about the world.

We humans have built an entirely new world around us. A world not concerned with nature’s trials of survival, but with artificial obstacles like the economy, politics, sciences, etc. How amazing is that. We have created an artificial environment full of concrete jungles and political food chains. And this world is a result of our curiosity. Maybe we humans do serve a higher purpose. Maybe we have escaped the food chain for some cause. I’m not a religious person, but the fact that we can wrap our minds around strange concepts like atoms and the functions of the universe convinces me that we should be using this brilliance for something worth while.


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