“The Rain Game”

September 18th, 2011

it was our 4th Pee-Wee football game of the season against the South Orange County Patriots. We represented the Barons of course as our team was from Fountain Valley. The Blue and Gold vs the Red and White. I looked forward to this game at the beginning of the season as our team knew that the Patriots were a high powered offense with a good passing attack. Our team was based on defense solely. Our running game was the only highlight from our offense as our passing game needed some improvement. The game started at 10 A.M. so our team drove about 1 hour to Dana Hills as the game was located in that specific city. We entered the stadium having high hopes to win the game to take the lead of our respected division. The stadium was quite large in size as it included a media center for the coaches and broadcasters, and coaching box, the 120 yard field and of course the bleachers. However, this game became more than an original football game.

The forecast of the game was rain. Rain always plays an effective factor in football games as exclaimed by legendary coach John Madden. “Players would slip, fall, and the receivers can’t catch the ball, which led to turnovers.” It was around the low 60 degrees with light showers. The sod and soil was covered in water as it was hard for the players to play football. Our receivers couldn’t catch or make angles when running the routes. This included me as I was the staring receiver. The defense needed to play low especially the secondary to run  down field and to make the tackles. This also included me as I was the staring free safety. I would always remember that the “RAIN GAME” would change my football status forever. 

The game started quick as the Patriots went down field to the goal line. They got stopped on forth down as our great defense stopped the A gap run in the middle. “Told you that our defense was great”  The next play, we started to run the offense to midfield as our running back took the 7 carries until he scored a 40  yard touchdown which gave us the lead. It was at that moment we lost our momentum, Heck! I even lost my mojo as I couldn’t make any tackles when the patriots became hot in their passing games as they marched to the red zone.

We played against these chumps, the South Orange county Patriots.

That moment. That play. Those words that my coached yelled at me changed the way I play football. Our defensive coordinator told me “Savsani get your fu**ing head in the game and start making tackles” The head coach said “Lets go Savsani, get your Sh*t together now” My coaches were tough but that made me drive my motivation to a whole new level.

The fourth play of the drive, I laid out the wide receiver hard to the ground as I knocked out the player loose and the ball out of his hands. But the problem was that I used my head. A head to head tackle is the most dangerous circumstance that can occur to a defensive and offensive player. The players get short or long term concussions. I shooked my head to say that “Coach, I did that just for you!” The crowd got wild, the coaches got pumped up. We are now back to business. In the third quarter, I dropped a one handed interception and then dropped another interception. Yet, we won the game to take sole possession of the division. However, I started to feel concussion symptoms and headaches. I went to the hospital and the doctor told me that i have suffered 4 concussions. “One more concussion, and you may not be able to play football again.”

“Many Players, One Team” – FV Baron Football Line SIX

I was shocked and scared or course as my football career came to an end. I told my mom that this is my final year of junior football. My goal was to play football in high school and maybe in college but that didn’t work our as it was hard for me to believe these circumstances. But I never gave up as i played the rest of the games, We lost in the playoffs to the same team we won, the Patriots. Yet, i will never forget that the “Rain Game” would change my football life forever.

Here is a link of the highlights of the game and it also it includes the big hit at 53 seconds of the video. I wore number 4 as I played FS and WR.



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