Wonder Why?

I wonder why the things I see are not as they seem. I wonder why things go by, with no rhyme nor reason, nor try or season. I wonder why people do not understand the mark they lay on the next man, the kicked can. I wonder why, we do not see, what were and are to be. I wonder why, the leaves fall down, when we list expect just like a frown. I wonder why some people cuss and others take it, killing vibes and feeling shaken. I wonder why some are so rude, heads full of special things, chocked by insecurity, all that’s left, are unconscious fools. I wonder why kindness is mistaken, for likes and love, twisted, distorted no longer understood. I wonder why we can’t accept rules and laws that make things right, like how Trump accuses those that are in the sight, of the world and media, an unfortunate fight.

All that is wrong with people and their actions seems to be swept under the rug. Why must we accept such foolish and reckless behavior from people? As people, we must not stand for people who are vulgar individuals. Obviously, people are not perfect, however, why must we accept those who make it there mission to put others down? I know persons who always have to be right, the best, better. These people, I find are the most insecure prideful at heart often times because of insecurity. These people must win to feel good about themselves. If they loose at something, they complain about the things that mess up their path to success.

To move passed these types of things, we must strive to first of all be the best version of ourselves we can possibly be. Next, when the situation comes up where the person in analyzation shows their pridefulness on full display you must not hesitate to confront the action first. Then, show the severity of the situation by determining and showing the prideful person if how they are reacting is truly the correct course to take. If the situation escalates, take control and end it.

To be a kind person is to be the best type of person. So, lets learn how to defend this dying attitude by taking the negativity by its roots and uproot it through kindness and love. Kindness is a branch of love, and love is unconquerable, so thus you now have the most powerful weapon to wield in this world. Although it is the most difficult weapon to yield, aren’t the most deadly always the ones that require the most skill?


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