The Madness of March

Who likes college basketball?

I know I do. But lets talk about the this month’s special MARCH MADNESS.

This is the time of year where college basketball fans and some random basketball fans who don’t really follow NCAAB watch the games known as “March Madness” College Basketball players play at their high level to secure a championship for their respective school. During the road to the championship, many upsets occur as teams end their hopes of holding the net. The net ritual occurs when the coach of the winning championship team or the MVP of the team cuts the net of the rim and holds it up to signify their hard work and ambition to host the trophy. Going back to upsets, many high ranked teams lose and the “underdogs” move closer to the championship. For example, the one upset I can remember is Mercer University over Duke. That was Jabari Parker’s, who was one of the top college basketball players that year, last year of college ball. He then moved to a NBA career with the Milwaukee Bucks.

This year many NBA prospects and high leveled players compete this year. For example, Jahlil Okafor of Duke and Montrezl Harrell of Louisville are one of the top players this year. But #1 and undefeated Kentucky seems like they are ready to win the championship once again. They played top colleges and some amateur college basketball teams but they seem like the real deal. Last year #7 University of Connecticut won the NCAAB championship, but this year it is expected for a #1 to #5 team to win this year. Lets see if any major upsets will occur this year.

It begans with the first round, then second round, third round also known as the sweet sixteen, the round four AKA elite 8, then the semifinals which is the final four, then the national championship. Many people gamble off money, prizes and awards to fill in their brackets, and no one has ever got a perfect bracket. Maybe to the third or second round but never to the finals. Last year, Warren Buffet offered 1 billion dollars to whoever got a perfect bracket no one was even close. But that is the joy of march madness. Stay tuned for updates on bracketology as I will be covering March Madness.

Finals Prediction – Oklahoma vs Xavier – Oklahoma Wins by 10 Buddy Hield MVP


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