Madden Mobile – Brief Overview pt.2

image-900x506.jpgI have been playing Madden Mobile since last year, and boy I am hooked, like a drug. I first interacted with the game when my brother told me to download it from the google play. Ever since I have been playing it on a daily basis. So I am here to offer some tips ans tricks for the people who just started playing this football game or have been playing this game for a long time but could need some help to be on a elite level. To be on par with my viewers, I am not the best Madden Mobile player out there for sure, but I assure you my tips and tricks could help out the beginners and the experienced. Shall we begin?

Let’s get a background check from me

  1. I have a 99 overall team without sniping (quick purchase), buying any packs with cash, or assistance from friends
  2. I associate business management skills regarding the Madden mobile market
  3. I am level 98/100
  4. I have been playing since the summer of 2015
  5. I am not a bragger but my point is that anyone can do very well with so little assets such as cash, or cheating methods

Let’s get this straight – Madden Mobile this year was much more easier compared to last year

  1. Last year my team was 99 overall for all three offense, defense and special teams
  2. Much more features and lenient rules that apply within the game
  3. Within 2 weeks in the game, I assure you will get a 80 overall team

General Madden Mobile info

  1. Football game first developed in 2000 by legendary coach John Madden and EA sports
  2. Started on gaming consoles such as wii, x box, and ps3
  3. takes about 200 megabytes so it does take a lot of memory
  4. Odell Beckham Jr is the cover of madden mobile
  5. Facebook is partnered with EA sports – enabled user identification via FB accounts
  6. Voting for the new madden cover is this summer, most likely that player will be a 99/99 overall player with some attribute boosts
  7. Updates are every month – best advice is to delete the app instead of updating it, then you install it again, 200 megabytes is a lot

Next week will include part 3 Tips and Tricks


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