Congratulations – You Have Been accepted


March. Oh the month of March. First there is march madness, NFL free agency, spring baseball, and our fan favorite (for teenagers) SPRING BREAK!! But the ultimate holy grail, or should I say most anticipated event for any teenagers life is decisions. College decisions. I am only a junior in high school but I do know a thing or two about college decisions. Heck, it is this time period where high school students should already be doing research about colleges and applications. But let us be real. The anticipation of what your future holds is by far the most exhilarating and breathtaking moment of any typical 18 year old life.

Some senior high school students apply for early decision so they can get their results whether they made it to their “dream school” or respective colleges. Some apply on a normal basis where decisions come around this time of the year. Some colleges for example out of state public schools come in February or early March. Some come in January even. Regardless, seniors anticipate each moment. From afternoon walk to their house, only to see a large gold sealed envelope which basically gives off the statement “Congrats you have been accepted to the university of….. school of…..” or what I like to say “Hey young man/women, we spent 100 bucks on this envelope to congratulate you on you acceptance. So when are you going to pay your tuition” And some events where seniors get an email during class time, and yell in excitement realizing that their AP class is of no use. (Don’t get senioritis my fellow seniors) Or even when seniors wake up from their 3 hour nap and open their laptop, then open their email to acknowledge that they have been accepted. Consequently, they rush to their parents and siblings to cherish the moment. It is March 26th, and already UCLA, UCI, UCSB, some out of state colleges are already out. Some of my friends already decided where they are going to go. Some are contemplating about their applications, thinking that they made a mistake. “I don’t know why it’s taking too long. I don’t think I submitted my Subject SAT score.” Look, the letters/emails are coming. Be patience and just be joyful that the end is near. Not life, but the most hardworking, painful, tiresome 4 years any teenager will experience. crop380w_keep-calm-and-wait-for-college-admissions-decisions


However, some students anguish during college decisions month because they have been rejected. It’s the reality where students realize they didn’t put all they have. They didn’t put in their best work in order to showcase their achievements to their dream college. Some of my friends didn’t get into their dream school or their top school. Here is what I have to say to them.

“It is not the end of the world. It is a start of something new. Something bright. Something special. You may have done the best in your ability in high school, but you may of not pushed over your limits. Those 4 hour sleep nights. Those long naps that delayed your study time. Those parties. Those spontaneous drives. This is you. Although you didn’t get into your school of top choice, remember you are who you are and no one will change how you study, work, communicate and live. College decisions are decided by 12 people who may of not attended that college. They didn’t decide your future. They missed on an opportunity of having you on their campus. You are special. And no one will take that away from you. The college you may attend this fall will be special. Doesn’t matter what college you go to as long you make the most of your opportunities. College is different from high school. But education is the same regardless of college, graduate school, or even community college curriculum. Good luck in your endeavors for your future and all the best on a potential successful post high school career.”

Ronak Savsani – Chicago’s Very Own


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