Would You Rather? Mosquitoes or Cancer

One thing that I love playing when I’m bored and with some people is the little game known as “Would You Rather?” The game is simple, someone asks a question beginning with “would you rather” and everyone picks one choice and has a little debate about it. The questions people ask are absolutely amazing and I figured that today I’d share one of those questions and talk about both sides of the argument.




Today’s question: Would you rather, for the rest of your life, have five mosquitoes follow you around and cannot be killed or would you rather flip a coin for cancer. Now this question is vague so I’ll clarify some more of the rules. The mosquitoes cannot be killed or repelled by fire, nor can they be blocked by a physical object. We’ll just assume that they teleport around it when you’re not looking. Secondly, people can see the mosquitoes as well so its not like everyone thinks your crazy. Now, one the cancer side. The type of cancer and the severity will be random. This means that you could have a benign tumor or a full fledged disease. And, of course, the coin you flip has an equal chance of landing on both sides, it isn’t some specially shaped coin with weird weight distributions.

Now to analyze both sides. The mosquitoes are a much more complex issue. Just to clarify, the bites aren’t gonna constantly occur ever second, they will probably occur once every couple of days since mosquitoes can go a long time without food. This means that the physical bites won’t be that bad. The main reason why this side of the argument is so complex is because the effect is more than just them biting you. The constant presence of mosquitoes means that there will constantly be that annoying humming around you. That has a psychological factor, and if its bad enough you might even go insane. Then there is the social issue. People won’t like to be around you, probably because you have five spawns of satan hovering around you making noise all day. In turn this also has an affect on intimate relationship, since the constant presence of five mosquitoes is probably something you might have to address. Now, whether or not the mosquitoes will bit others around you is unclear. If they don’t, then the mosquitoes will have less of an effect on your social life as people won’t necessarily have to be afraid of them. If they do, then it benefits your personal health. This allows you to enter a populated area, let the mosquitoes suck other people’s blood, thus making them full and unable to bit you. This does have a very complex side affect because there is a rare chance that the mosquitoes could infect you with the disease of its other victims. In that case, the mosquitoes could be an extremely dangerous issue. Imagine if they bite someone with HIV or even leukemia those would make it impossible to live normally with the mosquitoes.



Now that may all sound horrific, but cancer is definitely an issue. First of all, its safe to remember that there is a chance that you could flip the coin right and get nothing at all. That narrows the possibility of something bad down to 50%. Now we can assess the fact some cancers can be cured with ease. Other cancers could be fatal. Its impossible to look at every type of cancer out there because comes in so many different forms. Cancer’s varying nature is part of the reason why it is so hard to cure. Because cures that work for one cancer could be completely null against another. In short, cancer in general is a pain to deal with. Let’s just assume that there is a 10% chance of getting a fairly weak cancer that can be cured with some kind of treatment. That leaves a 45% chance of getting a bad cancer. Now we can look at the fact that science is slowly uncovering new cures to different forms of cancer. This means that if you have a cancer that gives you several years to live, it may give you just enough time for science to find a cure. Basically, this choice is very polarized. Either you get a free pass or you end up with a minor cancer or you end up with an expensive treatment or a fatal disease. The mosquitoes leaves no chance to it, but occupies that middle space in terms of how horrible it is.



Therefore the question boils down to this. Are you willing to choose a uncomfortable life or will you roll the dice to choose between awful and alright? By asking this, we see how much of a risk taker you are. And hey, that means that this question is good for something other than passing time, it’s a little personality test. Now flip a coin and see what you should have chosen…


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