How bout them Pancakes!

(This blog post is a basic amateur review from three foolish high schoolers who have a slight clue about food and breakfast items. We are not the food channel, Guy Fieri or Gordan Ramsey that criticizes and appraises food, in particular breakfast. But in all honesty, we are trustworthy critics since we actually did try all the items on the menu, LITERALLY!)


It was around 9 am last week where LITin5 decided that we should all go get breakfast some where locally. On Friday morning we all confirmed that we would head out to Original Pancake House in Huntington Beach. Consequently, we officially planned that we would go early morning on Sunday March 6th around 6:30 am. Only achieving 5 hours of sleep, I didn’t have the enthusiasm to go to this restaurant for two reasons. 1) way too tired 2) two of our members couldn’t make it. However, I was already half way there on the streets of HB and there it was, Original Pancake House.

I drove with my SUV, waiting and waiting till my two other friends finally reached our spot. I analyzed the area and noticed something peculiar. The employees were already working outside cleaning the tables and getting prepared. However, what really caught my eyes was the customers waiting in line. I thought to myself – “this is just some pancake restaurant, probably going to end up like Denny’s” I saw my other two friends Brandon and Brian walking out towards me. We greeted each other like we were big shots.

As we walked in, we were welcomed with warm atmosphere and overwhelming setting of  tables. In front of us was the kitchen where magic happens and in the middle was a plethora of tables. Similar to Denny’s diner, there was a lantern for each table, sugar for coffee, ketchup, and syrup. We sat on the left hemisphere as we got comfortable with ourselves.  A waiter walks up to us asking if we would like some coffee. I accepted the offer assuming it was free. I then put zero calorie sugar in my coffee which totally ruined the coffee. However, I adjusted the taste with real cane sugar. Looking left and right, I realized that half of the tables were occupied. OPH

The three of us had short conversations about our lives. Suddenly, the same waiter who offered me coffee gave us menus for us to order. I gingerly looked over each page looking for the cheapest item. “8 dollars for coconut pancakes!” The pricing was off the roof. Subsequently, I ordered the golden brown waffle which was only 6 dollars. Brian ordered eggs benedict and Brandon ordered the Dutch baby. Brian also got us 49er flapjacks on the house. As a fellow vegetarian, I acknowledge that all items had eggs in them. Now, this wasn’t a huge issue because I already broke my religious virtues. However, to my philosophy I don’t believe that eggs are categorized in the meat category so I eat them anyway.

Furthermore, we received our food after our long talk, and I was astonished by how they looked. Not only they looked satisfying but looked worth it after the long wait. The Dutch baby looked like a crater that was just hit by a meteor. The Eggs Benedict looked like the eyes of some hippo. My waffle, well….looked like a waffle only brown and crispy. After devouring the food, I was satisfied by the taste, appearance and overall scent. Out of the three members, Brian was the second timer where me and Brandon were first timers. After all, Brian recommended this spot.

Review time – The brown waffle wasn’t like a frozen waffle you get from Sam’s club. It was freshly made and cooked to perfection. The brown/gold color really caught my eyes because majority of pancakes are yellow. However, I added too much syrup and little more butter than usual which was overwhelming. So I drained out the extra fat and sugar to get a better taste. Was it worth it? Hell yeah man!

Brian’s eggs Benedict were oddly looking but were were very tasteful. Brian – “The hollandaise sauce is fairly thick and tastes well balanced with a good amount of acidity”

Brandon – “The dutch baby was very soft and was almost like a custard. It also had a more evident taste of eggs and paired well with the lemon wedge”


We all shared flapjacks and they were large in size, soft, thin, and had a good ratio of eggs, batter, and flour. I never tried flapjacks but they are at the same level as pancakes.

After finishing the food we received our check. “3 dollars for a small coffee!” I was fooled by the waiter, but then again its a good way to get more money. “Good strategy OPH” The cost was fairly expensive but at the end of the day was worth every single penny. We highly recommend any one from the area or even out of state to head out to OPH to get some real, authentic, real American breakfast. This is official has been our breakfast spot for the future.

Ronak featuring primary reviews from Brandon and Brian


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