The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday


Sniper Pic copy

We’ve all been there. The point where you sit down (or don’t) and realize holy smoke! I have so many deadlines due tomorrow that I don’t know how I am going to make it. I have to feed the turtle. Water the plants. Turn in my hours for work. Oh that group Spanish Project that I am hosting in a half hour. Oh shoot! Don’t forget to call mom and wish her Happy Birthday.

It just never ends. On top of all the work/school related projects there are all the trivial tasks that are generally time consuming and redundant taking us on a tangent and distracting us from the real matters at hand.

The Only Easy Day was Yesterday. It is the motto of the world renowned United States Navy Seals. To understand their motto, one has to first have an understanding of what a Navy Seal is. The word…

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