Last minute




We all have things we don’t want to do whether or not they will be good for us or not. Depending on who we are and the situation is the most likely outcome will follow. Unless, there is a medium that changes us or the situation.

For instance, if I was low confidence middle aged man, I would not feel comfortable asking a nice lady to a date. However if something spontaneous happened such as me, the low confidence middle aged man, meeting a nice women at a concert with a band both the women and I really enjoy. It flows. One thing leads to another and a bright future will follow.

This all applies to the opposite situation as well, just not as much. If I was instead a high confidence middle aged man and I wanted to take a nice women on a date, I would. Unless, the women found out I didn’t have a job and was living with my parents. I would be embarrassed and rethink how she thinks about me and how to improve upon the situation.

Good medium or bad, you must learn how to deal with the situation. Deal with the situation how it comes. If it’s a positive one, than accept it. Be changed from it and move forward, the must productive way you can. Same for a negative situation. Embrace it, move past it, and most importantly, do not over think it. Usually negative situation make us wiser in the end so think of it as a learning experience.

Often times, we want everything to go as planned and for everything to have a clear purpose. If life was like that, than it wouldn’t be living. Everything would be known. There would be no spontinuity. Spontaneousness is what makes life exciting and worth living.

Challenges are unwanted and often times annoying. They make us stronger too however, helping us to live stronger and become better people for it.


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