NFL Week 17 Predictions – “Make it or Break it” – Playoff Implication Games

Week 17 is only few days away and it is this week that concludes which teams are heading to the 2015 NFL playoffs. Week 17 includes the most important games because it is a “make or break situation”. For example, last week the Pittsburgh Steelers played at Baltimore and lost 17-20. The Steelers played at 4-10 team and still lost due to Coaching mistakes and secure offensive passing game. In my opinion, the offense should of continued to run the ball and not control the time, so Pittsburgh could run an offense with deadly weapons with Antonio Brown, who has had an MVP caliber type season. It is because of #84 that the Steelers are winning games. However, because the Steelers lost to a weak team, they not have to win this week’s game and hope the New York Jets lose. The Jets on the other hand just have to win against the Bills.

This is why week 17 has so much in stake for these NFL teams and franchises, and overall brings these NFL fans up on their couches because of these crucial wins.

My Chicago Bears are out of the playoffs, therefore our next game against the Detroit Lions has no value, but then again, a win is better than a loss. However, a loss could potentially give my team a higher draft pick.

So here are my predictions for week 17.

New York Jets (10-5) at Buffalo Bills (7-8)

Jets 24 Bills 10 – The Jets have been having a great year with new Coach Todd Bowles. This is their first 10 win season since 2010, where Mark Sanchez led Gang Green to the AFC championship but lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers. After defeating their East rivals New England Patriots, expect the Gang Green defense to light up Tyrod Taylor and wide receivers. I say less than 100 rushing yards and less than 150 passing yards. The secondary that includes: Cromartie, Revis, Gilchrist, Pryor, Marcus Williams, Skrine, and Miles are the best secondary in the AFC. Heck, the Jets can make a playoff run and make it to the Super Bowl.

New England Patriots (12-3) at Miami Dolphins (5-10)

Patriots 31 Dolphins 13 – After their loss against the New York Jets in overtime, expect the Patriots to play angry on both sides of the field. Tom Brady will fire on all cylinders. Recently acquired Steven Jackson will run over that Dolphins line backer corp with power. Not to mention SJ39 is 236 with only 5% fat. Despite the Patriots injuries, New England will play lights out. Dan Campbell is the youngest coach in the NFL (41) but this wasn’t their year since the beginning despite the signings of Suh and Jennings. Jarvis Landry could make history to have the most catches in the NFL in their first two seasons. Despite a dismal season, the future of this team is somewhat bright as long Tannehill gets the help he needs.

New Orleans Saints (6-9) at Atlanta Falcons (8-7)

Saints 14 Falcons 26 – Look the Falcons have a 1.6% chance to make the playoffs. Possible but very unlikely. After starting 5-0 but then losing 7 of the next 9 games, Falcons basically gave up their season. After poor QB performance by Matt Ryan but a spectacular season by Julio Jones, who needs about 280 yards to beat Calvin Johnson’s receiving yards record (1980), Jones is undoubtly the best receiver in the game. This game has no value for the Saints, my best guess is that they bench Brees because he has been battling a Plantar Fascia injury since week 15.

Pittsburgh Steelers (9-6) at Cleveland Browns (3-12)

Steelers 23 Browns 6 – Steelers should of had a cake walk to the playoffs, however, the loss to the 5-10 Ravens of Baltimore made the Steelers have a harder road to the Playoffs. All they needed to do is to win the next two games where both the Browns and Ravens have a combined record of 8 – 22, yeah that sucks. Steelers still have a young defense, but their explosive offense with Antonio Brown, Martavius Bryant, and the vintage Deangelo Williams all have been leading their to victory. A win is a must for the team to make the playoffs, but then again they need a Jets loss.

Other Matchups that have playoff implications

Minnesota Vikings (10-5) at Green Bay Packers (10-5)

Vikings 23 Packers 34 – Winner gets the NFC north crown and will play the #6 seed, in this case the Packers win in Lambo field. And then next week, both teams play again at Lambo because Packers are #3 and Vikings are #6.

Jacksonville Jaguars (5-10) at Houston Texans (8-7)

Jags 14 Texans 23 – All the Texans need to do is win against the Jags and they make playoffs. Or they can lose this game but then the Colt need to lose against the Titans. Either way, I believe the Texans get the job done with Brandon Weeden LOL.


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