What makes us tick

No matter what we do or where we go there is a connection all humans have to be with one another. This feeling differs form person to person, but no one can deny it. Everyone wants to be loved by someone and this is what I believe to be humanity is. People usually say they want to be alone during times of distress or frustration. There mind tells them to seclude themselves and sink into thought and mental agony. In these instances the heart is overpowered.

When emotions can no longer solve our problems we turn to logic. Even though logic is the bases of what makes us intelligent, it is for many, and wall the blocks emotion and sympathy. Logic is constantly active and never surrenders. It is only challenged by the emotions of man in the world we live in today.

Because in many more circumstances than can be numbered emotion overpowers logic. Logic and emotion, the two things that help man wage wars, make treaties, have Woodstock, commit murder, figure out who the culprit is, or even love someone we never thought we could love.

All of us need logic just as much as we need emotion. They are the two opposites that make the world what it is. The difficulty with them of course comes in the details. Logic helps us figure out problems no other animal can it gives us an edge. It also makes us less human in times when others need our help. Our mind tells us we are safe and to fight for yourself. On the other hand, certain circumstances that need logic differ from that fact. If you could save your life our save the lives of billions what would you do. Logically, we help the greater good and not ourselves.

Emotion however is tricky and is easily entangled in the actions of man. For instance, if you love someone and they do not love you back you can either fall into hate or depression or even sadness. Each one either being produced by the other or causing an effect on others around the person with these emotions. The people around the person who have been hurt now try to give love to replace for the love that was lost. But of course it is always never enough for the person who is hurting.

Logic and emotion are not only similar in what what produce, but also how they are produced. The actions of man. Action leads to reaction and it is reaction that spawns either logic or emotion. Which one do you choose?




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