Is technology ruining communication?

All the time nowadays there are people watching, people gaming, and people streaming, and people texting. Everyone trying to keep up with current events and to be in the know. They want this because knowledge is power.

People’s behavior is oddly reminiscent of the people in Norton Juster’s The Phantom Tollbooth. Juster said, “No one paid attention to how things looked, and as they moved faster and faster everything grew uglier and dirtier, and they moved faster and faster…” (Juster 118).


Such as in the life of the inhabitants of Main Street and the real city, people today have lost touch with their surroundings and their peers. As technology becomes more necessary and more available people seem to need it more and more. Like a Sméagol in Lord of the Rings, the phone has consumed people and become their precious. If you try to separate them from it for a millisecond watch your hands!


reactions angry mad lord of the rings yelling

Sméagol gif


This is really apparent when walking around work, fast food places and even school. People sit engrossed in their cellular devices living in their own little world when so much is occurring the “real world” that they are missing out on!


Something I experienced personally was at school I saw a couple (one I know personally), sitting at lunch completely absorbed in their phones, not talking face to face, but screen to screen. This makes me sad because real relationships require actual face to face communication from the two individuals; and that cannot be duplicated through a screen.

teen phones

Not talking face to face, but screen to screen

It doesn’t matter how many people you: snapchat, or text, or email, or dm on twitter, or kik, or skype, etc. The real relationships you have and build through people can only be developed through meeting people in real life and talking either one on one or even in a group setting.

So stop hiding behind the screen, go out in the world and meet people. Be confident, and look up for a change and see the beautiful world around you.

-Austin G


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