What are morals

right-way-wrong-wayHere’s a quick mental game. Imagine a loved one, the closest person you know. Literally imagine the person that you want the least to die. Now imagine that they are dying, they have an incurable disease, only one of a hundred recorded instances. Now, in this hypothetical scenario, there is a business mogul who has patented a cure for that disease and he has taken a medicine that costs him 12 dollars to make and he has increased its price to 750 dollars, not including treatment or refills. You don’t have that money. Your only option is to steal the medicine. You know where it is, and you know how to get it, but the chances of getting caught are fairly high. What do you do? And more importantly, what do you think is right to do? For some of you the answers to those questions are different, for others those questions are asking the same thing. For some, it may take us a while to think. For me, personally, it takes a couple of seconds. My answer. I’d steal it in a heartbeat. I don’t believe that what is morally correct is always legally correct. If that was true then I wouldn’t be stealing a drug worth that much.

Morals and ethics are very subjective concepts. What’s right to one person may be very much different to another. That’s why there are political parties and laws. Things set up to make people conform to one set of ethics. We only see things as bad if they don’t conform to our morals, and there are many cases where our morals and the government laws don’t match up. That why we have marches and political attacks. And in this messy world of conflicting ideas, its hard to see somethings that are truly, morally ethical. In terms of the abortion debate, some people are pro life, and others are pro choice. There are good points on both sides of the debate and that must be respected. No matter how strongly you support one side, you have to at least acknowledge that the opposition has a reason of some kind. And from this I conclude that we must accept that not everyone’s morals are the same. To try endlessly to convince people to change there morals is a fruitless cause. Its better to accept that there is a difference and let it go. You shouldn’t change your mind, and you definitely should stop trying to support your cause, but respect that those who oppose you have come to a different conclusion and there not just a bunch of uneducated monkeys.


There is a belief that, to achieve peace, to reach nirvana, one must detach emotions from the real world. Nothing is either good or bad, it simply is. I have my own belief. There are two ways to achieve happiness in life. Either we make the world conform to our expectations, or we lower our expectations to conform to the world. The belief that nothing is good or bad is, in my perspective, an attempt to lower moral expectations. It is an attempt to withdraw emotions for the world in order to help us be more satisfied. It’s harder than it sounds. There are somethings in this world that just can’t be taken in without emotion. But practice doing this with lighter topics. Seeing the world as simply as that is an almost enlightening experience. Think about a hundred years in the future and ask yourself how important something really is. Look a billion years into the future, and think about how irrelevant things will be. Don’t stress over conflicting ideas and just enjoy your time while you still have it.

-Brian Dang


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