“Seek, and Ye Shall Find”

Overcoming adversity is a task each and everyone of us must face. Whatever the situation maybe be, it is up to the individual to take root in something not of themselves. For me, I find my strength in Jesus Christ. He guides me through still waters and even so, in the valley of the shadow of death. The Bible tells us we should fear no evil if you put your faith in Him. He is my rock and I draw my strength from Him to get through anything life throws my way.

This, however, is not the whole story. Blessings are apart of life too and if you were always in hardship life would be miserable, it would be just as bad however, always being blessed. Hardship builds character and faith. It also makes you grow as a person and become wiser so you may in turn, help others with their struggles. Blessings give hope and inspire people. They also make life worth living. Often times, however, I find our society interpreting blessings the wrong way. It is all about material wealth and status in today’s America.

People do not try and make others better or help them to become successful, but would rather help them once and then expect something in return. To truly be blessed, we must bless others. That is how our society should run. When you truly need help you would find it,  from the people God has put in your life. When your life is steady and life is good, you would have people in your life that need your help and you would be able to give it. A good person, if not finding struggles with their friends (which there usually are), would go and search for struggles with people they don’t know, lending a hand where ever they possibly can.

Instead, we live in a society today, where the struggles of our neighbor go unnoticed and unaided. Everyone for themselves, in a dog eat dog world, because we could not possibly focus on other people’s problems when we have a hard time figuring out our own. Except, the solution to our problem(s) might just be in the mind of the neighbor next door ,who may have already gone through what you are experiencing and the answer to their problem(s) could be in your mind.

When you look at it like this, the answer is simple. Love and respect for one another would eventually lead to an unbroken world. But, we don’t want help, we don’t want love, we don’t want respect, we would rather have money, power, and pride. All things the Bible seems to understand are the downfall of many. Coincidence? I don’t believe so.

So, you see, adversity, in my opinion, is nothing more than a problem that lacks a caring soul or a helping hand. We often think that adversity should be fought alone to make us stronger, when it really breaks apart little by little in the absence of help from another. It turns people into cold-hearted and emotionless human beings. This is evidence that the basis of humanity is love. It is perceived as a weak thing in today’s standards, but rather, it is the essence of what makes each of us stronger. It is a lost art, a lost wisdom. It’s like a leaf-tailed gecko, present, but not seen, not understood. –Brandon Ehrlich


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