What the SF Giants, SA Spurs, and NE Patriots have in common – WINNING!!!

“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” – Vince Lombardi

We play and compete in sports to win the game. That’s it. Yes, having fun is an important formula to sports however, the only object to the theme is to win. Winning in arguments, battles, games, and championships of course. But what does winning separate other circumstances in sports? Triumph and victory is the ultimate of accomplishment. It is the goal that all teams and individuals drive towards every year. They don’t waste years of practice to fulfill their goal, they spend decades to find the ultimate winning formula. Yeah, maybe winning creates setbacks for example, arrogance, anger, unsatisfactory, and of course conflict. But those simplistic details shouldn’t hold back an individual. When a player wins a championship they become humble, satisfied and driven to win the championship once again. The Giants, Patriots and Spurs all did. Creating a game plan to repeat their winning standards for decades. Lets go one by one in detail on how their eons of winning shaped sports today. (Notice that the years given is only included to this decade)

San Francisco Giants (2010, 2012, 2014)

As a Los Angeles Dodgers Fan, I utterly still have respect towards our rivals the Giants. They are simply one of the greatest professional sports team I have ever seen as a kid growing up. They rule the Baseball world with three world series championships in this decade. I have to admit, the Giants ain’t no sleeper team, they are the undaunted champs. In 2010, San Francisco won the world series against the Texas Rangers 4-1, where MVP Edgar Renteria played at a high level to uplift the Giants to a world series since 1954. That’s a long time. Pitching was also a factor as Tim Lincecum also played outstanding. They weren’t done yet, as the won their 2nd world series in 3 years against the Detroit Tigers. And last year, the Giants stay at the top of their league, as the won the pennant again against the underdog Kansas City Royals. “Pure Dominance”- Dodger Fan. The Giants represent not only the city of San Francisco, but Major League Baseball.

San Antonio Spurs (1999, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2014)

5 years of ruling the NBA, that is pure winning right there. Just last year, the Spurs didn’t look back as they won the Finals against the Miami Heat, who have they meet in the previous year losing in game 7. A heartbreak loss, didn’t change Tim Duncan‘s mind as he is the sole center piece of this team in the last decade and a half. And of course his sidekick Tony Parker and the 6th man Manu Ginobili. Greg Popovich also deserves credit as he created this championship driven team, with players from international stardom, to national and league superstars for the NBA. In this span, of championship and winning attitude, the team went through a lot, as many fans thought they were done in 2013. Their last championship before the recent one was in 2007. But the team never fell to their doom, as they modified and created a new team that would leave the whole NBA fan base to shock. Their winning formula was the key to the League’s popularity and the team’s success. Let’s see if the will repeat this year!

New England Patriots (2001, 2003, 2004, 2014)

Years of turmoil, criticism, disappointment, and scandal. The Patriots are probably the most infamous sports team there is. Probably the most hated, yet most dominant. Lots of NFL fans will join the Patriots Bandwagon as they won the latest Super Bowl. But some will still hate the Patriots for the cheating and down right influence of the league. This past NFL year, the Pats were condemned of cheating with DeflatGATE. And of course Spygate and Healthgate. I myself don’t have any opinion on the Patriots, however many fans of course do. But lets get to the point. When the Patriots lost 41 to 14, Trent Dilfer (Super Bowl winning QuarterBack) came to state “They Patriots are not good anymore” But were they? No they were really good and better then ever. That loss didn’t hold them down as they finished the 10 and 2 the rest of the regular season year and won the Super Bowl. Tom Brady was the general behind all these 4 championships as he won 3 Super Bowl MVPs. But the investigations and scandals still hunt the team and will change every NFL fans’ perspective.But will it matter to the league, we will never know. Punishments are settle, but morality is forever. The Pats change from Winning to dominance. 4 championships with a 6th round quarterback in the last decade. Yeah that is what we call winning from within. But of course, the Patriots legacy is filled with targets and turmoil due to these GATES but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That is what sports is all about, Winning. And that is it!

To follow these teams on a Daily Basis, Bleacher Report will keep you updated on the three teams news.

New England Patriots

San Antonio Spurs

San Francisco Giants 

Ronak Savsani


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