Humanity Versus Logic

It is true that we have varying degrees and levels of intelligence. Whether an individual is more apt to read a book compared to the desire of making an entree, those small things can decipher key characteristics about an individual. Each of us have been told since we were kids that “we are special”, but are rarely told how we are special. An interesting theory has existed since 1983 that all of us have different types of intelligence. Howard Garner gives input into the discussion of how we truly work as individuals. In his book, Frames of Mind, Gardner goes on to describe the varying types of intelligence and what the characteristics are that can show what type of intelligence a person possesses.  Looking at it from a students perspective I see this kind of thinking first hand, that we are all different and smart in our own way.

Although there is different types of intellect, still, some people seem to lack particular advantages that can either make a person a billionaire or a nut job with a high I.Q. You see, there are not just the powers of intelligence at play in our modern world. Pure intelligence gets in trouble. If everyone with a high I.Q. had no boundaries do you really think our world would be the same? In fact, if the walls of “society” were broken down and all the highly intelligent were allowed to find go freely without big business and instead with a blank check the human race would be a hundred years into the future by now.

Big business makes billions off of the constant cash flow of people relying on their product, does a consumer really think they want to find the cure for the very illness they are giving medication for? The answer is simply no. Am I saying the answers we have been looking for have been right in front of our faces the whole time? No. I am implying however, that without the limitations that revenue and the economy have put on each of us, the human race would be looking for cures and medical advances so great that we couldn’t even imagine.

In addition, all great ideas get the life sucked out of them by the rabbit hole of humanity, the economy. Take out the economy and you have a society progressing as a whole not just for selfish purposes. If humans were not fueled by competition and selfishness, but rather curiosity and passion for the future, our livelihood would not be the reality we experience today. In contrast, the economy makes us push each other. And indeed, humans have proven, for the most part, that hard work and mistakes are the high energy fuels that push the human cognition.


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