Future of Football – My Perspective

Today’s generation is filled with pastimes and entertainment/sports where people have enjoyed in the course of decades and centuries. One of these pastimes is Football specifically the National Football League. However, this debate isn’t God vs Science. It is humanity and health at its finest. To begin with, medical research in the past decade and half century have discovered the “holy grail” for today’s sports. It is concussions, the epitome of all sports injuries. Repetitive head trauma descending from jarring hard hits from football players to NFL athletes landing on their head, football wasn’t meant to be this way. Concussions are the sole injury why NFL players resign from Football. For example, all pro linebacker for the 49ers, Patrick Willis and his teammate Chris Borland have retired the past year. Willis who was a veteran and the rookie Borland retired for one reason, concussions and the consistent periodical concussion problem. Borland stated “It wasn’t worth the risk to mar my health” On the other hand, veteran safety for the Tampa Bay Bucs Chris Conte stated “concussions, big hits, and head trauma will always be part of the game, it is definitely worth to play under the limelight.” NFL players make around 600k to maybe 30 million. Economics is also a factor because this is why some players return year after year to make money. Junior Seau had a 7 figure net worth but committed suicide due to CTE.  Let us look at how popular the NFL is and why the league won’t perish.

“This progressive disease is the circumstance that is holding back the league and players. However, in my opinion, the NFL itself won’t “die” in terms of popularity and worldwide attention.”


1. Economics – each team has a payroll of around a 9 digit payroll, meaning that the salary cap can’t give max contracts to all their superstars. The high salary cap derives from marketing strategies and international affairs. The league is tied with other corporations such as Hyundai and Pepsi which results in high revenue. Therefore, due to the high net worth, the league is financial stable. NFL is a billion dollar industry and will continue to make money from marketing, games, sponsorships, and endorsements.

Madden_NFL_08_Coverart2. Today’s video games – many of you have heard of madden NFL or 2k sports. Madden mobile which came out a year ago, has dramatically been a popular trend where the game has 5 million downloads. Madden Mobile where Odell Beckham Jr. is featured, just recently hit the market resulting in a revenue and profits of millions of dollars. The kids, teenagers and of course the adults love the game of football because of these video games. I personally remember buying my own video game, madden 2008, where Vince Young headlined the game. And from there my passion of the game became stronger and vivid.

3. Leagues – Pop Warner has declined in terms of player roll and the amounts of participants, however it is flag football that has been the trend. Here is my point, the kid leagues where tackle football used to be football has been a decline because parents realize that the game is a danger and not safe for their health. High School players have died due to these injuries. It is reported that 6 HS players have dies the past 2 months. Lacerated spleen and unreported concussions are just some injuries that highlight this report. Will the game still be popular. Of course. But expect a very low amount of players in the next 2 decades due to the low count of junior football players.


4. International Relations – The national football league now have relations with England where NFL games are being played at Wembley Stadium. Actually today, The Detroit  Lions played the Kansas City Chiefs today, where the Lions lost by 35 points. Final Score 45-10. Consequently, these “international games” are more popular because of two reasons. 1) Because the NFL have expanded their territorial bounds to England, Canada, and possibly back to Mexico. One “cold hard fact” is that 2nd string QB EJ Manuel for the Buffalo Bills is the first Quarterback to lose 3 games at 3 different countries. (England, US, and Canada) Concluding thought, as long the NFL’s popularity is affiliated with other countries, then the game won’t evaporate that quickly.


Final thought – Football basically has its own day (sunday) where families and friends enjoy watching the game and being together to enjoy the small things in life. However, it is the health injuries and maladies that have been holding back the league and today’s game which has resulted in a low count of youth football and professionals that have died or retired due to the game. But the popularity of the league and the sport won’t vanish for a very long time, but do expect changes to the game and the league. It is true that health is the first priority for any human’s life, but in this case the NFL believes that a secured popularity with outweigh the NFL’s concussion and health problems. But the question is, how long with the NFL exist and when will the holy grail of football soon be solved?

Ronak Savsani


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