We’ll get there, Together

Life, it’s pretty ironic. We get up, get in our car, and go to work. The simplicity of this routine is very mundane. However we find ourselves doing it over and over and over. You see, the things we do only lead back to themselves. If you buy a car for instance, what is the main reason you get it? That’s correct, to go to work. One could just as easily flip that scenario and say why do you go to work? Again, you are correct, to pay for the car. Why do we buy homes? Of course the answer to that is a little more complex, but in simplest form it is to have shelter and rest, so we may do our work all over again. It acts as a pit stop if you will. Why is this issue even close to being relevant one might ask? The reason is intrinsic, to show how we live today compared to why we lived in the past .

You see, our ancient ancestors did not really have access to luxury. Luxury in it’s more general form is fairly new. What I mean by general is that it effects or is accessible to everyone in non third world countries. Or in other words more people experience luxury than ever before. Not to say that there aren’t many, many people out there just trying to survive, but the point of the matter is our generation as a whole, is different. One might say “well isn’t that obvious, you aren’t really telling me anything new” and you would in fact, be correct.

In the beginning, our kind relied mostly on God, instinct, and survival. To protect and to prosper. Give the next generation a chance. As this developed, the family bond grew stronger as passion for each other increased. To grow back then meant to grow as a society. Now it simply a redundant cycle. Everything is for another thing and so on. We live each passing moment not to survive, rather to live because society is already surviving for us. We produce not for the future generations, but rather so that we can see our kids grow up and live well in this complicated world. We are a generation of dependent, technological zombie-fied, over producing, pleasure seeking, self sustaining, egotistical, lifeless and afraid human beings. Now that might be a little exaggerated, but it sends the message. People need to stop working for retirement and start working for each other. We need to stop working for the day we don’t have to work any longer. Our brains would become so slow eventually we wouldn’t be able to tie our own shoes. Instead we should rather, keep our minds active and useful.

The one thing people seem to be good at is blaming others. Blame him, blame her, blame that. Stop blaming and start helping. Realize the only way not to live in a this stress-filled cycle is to stop living for yourself and start living with yourself. Be happy with people, accept who they are, be happy with yourself, accept who you are, and begin living with people instead of trying to get ahead of them. Perhaps it is these things that are holding us back, but I refuse to believe that. It might seem corny and cliche however it is often times the simplest things that are true. Yes, life is ironic, but only if you let it be. Give it a reason not to be. Become a independent, leadership exerting, extremely helpful, humbly serving, elevating, kindly energetic and courageous work of art! Strive to make life better and less ironic, you will soon realize your life is less of a joke and more of a blessing.


  • Brandon Ehrlich

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